Wolfgang Baumann / Eta Koek
The Baumann / Koek Error

As long as I know Tangerine Dream and Peter Baumann some fans and collectors are thinking this is a Peter Baumann solo recording. To say it again: IT IS NOT!

This LP was recorded 1978 by Wolfgang Baumann and Eta Koek. Both are in no releations to TD or Peter Baumann. O.K., there's a rumour that this "error" was expected or wanted e.g. for the track-name "TD-Mem", but this is not confirmed until today. But it helped selling the record.

I met Wolfgang Baumann serveral times in Kempten/Germany. He was the owner of a record store called "Francoise Records" and he was (is ?) an electronic musican, too. I remember the day I heard this LP the first time. It was in his shop (of course) and I was impressed. "What a great sound!" I sad and he told me: "Oh it's nice you say this because it's my own production I did together with my close friend Eta Koek".

So I picked up one LP and ask him to sign it. And he did it with great pleasure.

Here are some scans from the LP. You'll see it was signed by WOLFGANG Baumann and not Peter Baumann.

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The comercial flyer for the LPThe Front Cover
An excerpt from the rear side
is was produced in Conny Plank's studio by Jürgen Krämer but not by Conny Plank himself.
The Labelsigned by WOLFGANG(!) Baumann