Tangerine Dream Live
Open Air at the Museumsinsel Berlin
Berlin, 15.06.2002

Some pictures from TD's concert for the Open Air in front of the old Nationalgalerie in Berlin.

Alan Miller's pictures


Inferno Flyer

Open Air folder, frontOpen Air folder, back

Pictures made by Bianca Acquaye

Both are painted and signed by the artist (and singer) Bianca Acquaye and some members of the group who performed in Berlin (including Edgar, Jerome....)
Inferno CD-Cover. Special Tangerine Dream Issue for the Inferno Concertltd. copy: # 2 / 10. Both are signed by the artist and all members of the Live Group (+ Ralf Wadephul)
(Please click onto the pictures to see them in full size. It's worth the download time)

Please check out Bianca's homepage:

The  Girls who did the nice dancing

Oasis Danse Ensemble

The crowd before the show

(hi Olaf (right))

The Show

After the Show

Edgar Froese and Bianca Acquaye (artist who made the Inferno CD-cover)Edgar Froese and me
Jerome FroeseRalf Wadephul and me

The Pub

Meeting at the pub after the show with Martin and friends

Alan Miller's pictures

the day after

Many thanks to the team of TDI (esp. Martin K.), Jerome, Edgar and all you fans around. It was a pleasure to meet you all once again. See you next time!
Rainer Rutka 06/2002.
(c) all the fotos by TDI/Tangerine Dream/Rainer Rutka