Tangerine Dream
The Goblins Life Club Box

CD and Video from TD's last concert
during the German tour 1997.

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Limited editon of 40 copies. I have the copy # 3.

Live Neu Isenburg, Hugenottenhalle 18.04.1997

Edgar Froese
Jerome Froese
Zlatko Perica
Emil Hachfeld

Goblins Live Club Part 1 on CD (Club Disc 97)

Total Time: 63:46

Waterborne [5:23]
Betrayal [3:36]
Scrap Yard [2:20]
Sundance Kit [7:28]
Logic [7:46]
Barbacane [5:38]
Exit [4:07]
Stratosfear 1995 [7:15]
Dolphin Dance [5:08]
Logos [6:29]
Streethawk [3:19]
The Blue Bridge [5:10]

Goblins Live Club Part 2 on Video (Club Video 97)

Total Time: 85:10

Drum Improvisation
220 Volt
Girls On Broadway
Little Blonde In the Part Of Attractions
Rising Haul In Silence
Lamb With Radar Eyes
Towards The Evening Star


Das Mädchen auf der Treppe/Girl On The Stairs
Thief Yang And The Tangram Seal
Purple Haze

Part Two, will soon be available on CDR.