A sampler with hard-to-find Tangerine Dream rarities.
14 Tangerine Dream Rarities
A new CDR!  It's an 'add-on' to E.O.

Mystery Disk... ...or is it E.O.2 ?

(72 min.)

Tangerine Dream

Mandala (OST) (8:40) (Electrobeats)
Das Mädchen auf der Treppe (3:50) (Best of Schimanski-Sampler CD)
Tanz des Forums (2:25) (excerpt from the "Topping Out Sony" event disk. From Electrobeats)
The Countryside (2:21) (Rumpelstiltskin)
Excerpt from Jim & Pablo (2:02) (some music from the Jim & Pablo TDI release)
Heritage Survival (OST) (4:13) (The Keep, TDI release)
Catwalk (Special Version) (15:13) (Tyranny of Beauty multimedia-disk. Italy. (a killertrack !))
Wallraff's Theme (OST) (1:46) (L'Affaire Wallraff)
Unicorn-Theme (3:07) (Electrobeats, with S. Pawlitzki (voc))

Tangerine Dream - Solo

Chris Franke: Brothers in Arms (OST) (5:09) (McBain Promo-CD)
Johannes Schmoelling: Galago (6:34) (Klem 1994 Promo-CD)

Tangerine Dream - Solo (Vinyl-Copies)

Peter Baumann: Taxi (3:21) (Strangers in the Night LP)
Edgar Froese: Golgatha and the Circle closes (8:17) (Ages-DoLP, not on CD)
Klaus Krüger: Marokko (4:30) (Zwichenmischung LP)