Tangerine Dream Live
Eifel Festspiele Burg Nideggen
Nideggen near Köln (Cologne), 23./24.08.2002

Some pictures from TD's concert at the Open Air concert in the old castle (Burg) Nideggen.
The Programm (click onto the pictures to enlarge)

Before the show

The Show

After the Show

In the bar of Nideggen and outside the castle

Again, it was a pleasure to meet you all once again. See you next time!
BTW: Everybody who want`s to know: I came home at 1 pm without any problems. But I was very tired!!
Rainer Rutka 08/2002.
(c) all the fotos by TDI/Tangerine Dream/Rainer Rutka