Tangerine Dream

The famous Mars-Polaris premiere in Osnabrück, Germany 06/12/1999
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Here are some of my own pictures I made
during the concert. The original size of the
JPGs are bigger. Because of the space
limitations by my internet-provider I had to reduce them.
(original size: 1024 x 768)
I made approx. 60 pictures. Some of them
from the concert, some of them are from
the fan-meeting before, between and
after the concert.
The quality of the pictures is various.
The official Klangart Poster

Click here for a soundsample (MP3-format)
the first 5 minutes from the live-CDR
TD lineup, Osnabrück


The Stadthalle

Before the concert

The event

Between the show (pause)

Sold out ? Yes I think....

After the show

OK, it's not Pink Floyd - but still enough to do..


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