Tangerine Dream
Topping Out Ceremony Score
Berlin - Potsdamer Platz - Sepember 2nd 1998
(live video and - recording)

Here are some pictures from the Sony Topping Out Video. I did a copy from the PAL-Video to MPEG and recorded the music and the announcements together on one CDR.

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The CDr:

Front- and insidecover from the live- and video CDR


1. Tangerine Dream Live "Topping Out Sony" [17:59]
Announcements (german language)
2. Edgar Van Ommon (Sony Berlin) [1:49]
3. Morio Ohga (Sony Tokio) [2:29]
4. Eberhard Diepgen (Germany) [1:44]
5. Jerry Spoyor (USA) [1:35]
6. Helmut Jahn (USA) [2:09]
7. Detlef Gick (Germany) [2:38]

Computer Data

Dancing Company from Komische Oper Berlin / Tangerine Dream
1. Topping Out Sony (Mpeg, 213 MB) [18:00]
2. MS Multimedia Player Software

Some pictures from the MPEG-Video:

The Dancing Company from Komische Oper Berlin

Edgar and Jerome