Originals, no CDRs (exept two CDs because they are very rare CDR-originals) ! 1971

Weltsparche Musik, Ossiach Festival, Austria

??.07 Ossiach Live                 Unknown  A  CD   2 CD  Oszillator Planet Concert (8:10)         FAR010


Live Improvised, Reims, FR-Chathedral

13.12 Live ! Improvised !          Audience A  CD   2 CD  Reims, FR - Cathedral                    Oh Boy 2-9159


Phaedream, London, GB - Royal Albert HallCoefficient Of Aural Expansion One, London, GB - Royal Albert Hall, 1st CoverCoefficient Of Aural Expansion One, London, GB - Royal Alber Hall, 2nd CoverSeekers Of Dreams, Orange, FR - Roman Amphitheatre, LP+SingleA Dream Unbound, Orange, FR - Roman Amphitheatre, LP+Single

02.04 Phaedream                    FM-Radio A- CD         London, GB - Royal Albert Hall
02.04 Coefficient o. a. expansion  FM-Radio A  CD         see 'Phaedream'. Very good sound.        Mirage CDV104
17.08 Seekers of Dreams            Audience B+ LP   LP/SI Orange, FR - Roman Amphitheatre. LP/Si.  5188
17.08 A Dream Unbound - The Organ. Audience B+ LP   LP/SI The Orange Festival. 'see Seekers.."     Public Rec.


Collected Endings, Live USA 1976Me-Rad, Live USA 19763-Tier Dream, Analogue Days, Live 1976Waiter On The Dance. Live Manchester 1976Danger Live, Brussels, BELThe Dream Is NOT Always The Same, CDR

      Collected Endings [1]        Audience A- CD   CD3/3 Live USA 1976                            SIRA31
      me-rad                       Audience A- CD   CD1/3 Live USA 1976.  Argonautica Americana P. SIRA29
      3-Tier Dream [Disk 1]        Audience A- CD   CD1/3 'Analogue Days' (a 3 CD set) [backside]  CC1744
02.02 Danger Live [1-2]            Audience A- CD         Brussels, BEL - Johnson University       SSC-2114688
05.06 Waiter On The Dance          Audience A- LP Acetate Manchester, GB - Free Trade Hall [Label] 70630
26.11 Danger Live [3]              Audience A- CD         Brussels, BEL - Ancienne Belgique        SSC-2114688
27.06 The Dream is NOT always t.s. FM-Radio A  CDR Metal  Rock at the Philharmonic. Berlin SFB-FM. No. 5/10


Acoustic LSD / The Emerald Beyond, Seattle-USAThe Emerald Beyond, Live Detroit 1977Fotzenslecker, Seattle, WS - Paramount NorthwestNetz - Lautstärke! Live Seattle 21.4.1977Die Medianen Von Zymiola, Live SeattleBabylon's Strange, black vinylThe Dremas Are Known To You, Live Seattle(?) '77 (not Kansas City)Patrolling Space Borders, Montreal, CDN - Place Des ArtsLaserium, Montreal, CDN - Place Des Arts

31.03 Acoustic LSD/The Emerald Be. Boot-LP  A- CD         Detroit, MI - Ford Auditorium            CA 2689
31.03 The Emerald Boyond           Audience B  LP         Detroit, MI - Ford Auditorium            TD D[AB]
21.04 Fotzenslecker                Audience B- LP         Seattle, WS - Paramount Northwest        Important 533
21.04 Netz Lautstärke !            Audience B- LP         see "Fotzenslecker". Same disk.          death 533
21.04 Die Medianen Von Zymbiola    Audience A  LP         Seattle, WS - Paramount Northwest, # 3/50
21.04 Babylon's Strange            Audience A  LP         Seattle, WS - Paramount Northwest, black 75331
21.04 The Dremas Are Known To You  Audience A- LP         copy of Babylon's Strange. - " -         PIG Prod.
29.04 Patrolling Space Borders     FM-Radio A- CD         Montreal, CDN - Place Des Arts           Laserium Rec.
29.04 Laserium                     FM-Radio A- CD         'see Partolling Space Borders'           SSG 786996400


Don't Walk - Dream Now, Berlin, GE - Eiissporthalle

19.02 Don't Walk - Dream now       FM-Radio C+ LP   2 LP  Berlin, GE - Eissporthalle. Metal-Box. 2 4427


White Cloths, East-Berlin - GDR, Palast der RepublikStaatsgrenze West, East-Berlin, GDR - Palast der RepublikStaatsgrenze West, Bootleg. Ltd. edition (1000), red vinylDon Quixote, East-Berlin, GDR-Palast Der RepublikSoundtrack for Fantasy / Undulation, Preston, GB-Guild HallUndulation, Preston, GB-Guild HallNewcastle, GB - City Hall

31.01 White Cloths                 FM-Radio A- CAS  2 Cas East-Berlin, GDR - Palast der Republik   Erco Records 01
31.01 Staatsgrenze West            FM-Radio A- LP         East Berlin, GDR - Palast Der Republik.  VEB Schall.08..
31.01 Staatsgrenze West            FM-Radio A  LP red Vi. -"-, Ltd. edition. Copy 359/1000         VEB Schall.08..
31.01 Don Quixote                  FM-Radio A- LP red Vi. -"-, Ltd. edition poster cover
31.01 The Dream is NOT always..[2] FM-Radio A  CDR Metal  Music without borders. Berlin GDR-FM. No. 5/10
05.11 Soundtrack for Fantasy/Und.  Boot-LP  A- CD         Preston, GB - Guild Hall (Undulation)    CA 26894
05.11 Undulation                   Audience B+ LP         Preston, GB - Guild Hall. Ltd.150.       DREAM
05.11 Space Trucking [1]           Audience A  LP         Preston, GB - Guild Hall                 TD80


Space & Spheres, Newcastle, GB - City Hall

25.10 Space & Spheres              Audience A- LP         Newcastle, GB - City Hall
25.10 Space Trucking [2]           Audience A- LP         Newcastle, GB - City Hall                TD80


Leprous Appearance On Wednesday, Sydney, AUS - Regent TheaterRätikon, Melbourne, AUS - Dallar Brooks Hall

      3-Tier Dream [Disk 2]        Audience A- CD   CD2/3 'Digital Times' (a 3 CD set) [backside]  CC1744
22.02 Leprous Appearance On Wed.   Audience A- LP         Sydney, AUS - Regent Theater             100 Productions
22.02 Dreaming                     LP       A- CD         Leprous A. o. Wednesday + Ultima Thule 1 Brand. CD9303
01.03 Rätikon                      Audience A- CD         Melbourne, AUS - Dallas Brooks Hall + ..
15.11 The Dream is NOT always..[3] Soundbo. A  CDR Metal  White Eagle metts bear city. ICC Berlin. No. 5/10

The Keep (OST), Blue-Moon RecordsThe Complete Works of The Keep (OST)Fassbinder Memorial Concert, Frankfurt, GER - Alte Oper
         The Keep (OST) Keep-page     Vi./St.O A  CD            Released 1995                            Blue Moon BMCD1
         The Keep (OST)Complete Works Vi./St.O A  CDR #30/40 Original CD. Released 1993. 40 copies.   COOTS 666-9
11.06.83 Fassbinder Memorial Concert  FM-Radio A  LP   10"   Frankfurt, GER - Alte Oper. 10" clear Vinyl


1985     Risky Business, Aud.Mov.Kit  LP       A- CD   2 CD  + 60-page booklet w. photos/copies       BCP[56]-19


Electonic Inspiration, (1985?)Timeless Space, London,  GB-Hammersmith OdeonRelativity page3-Tier Dream ON!, Paris, FRParisian Dreams 1, Paris, FR - Olympia TheaterParisian Dreams Too, Paris, FR - Olympia TheaterSonambulistic Imagery, Laguna Hills, USAUndercover Dreams, Live Toronto, CAN

      Electronic Inspiration       Audience A- LP         unknown location and date                ATR019
28.03 Timeless Space [swap]        Audience A- LP   2 LP  London, GB - Hammersmith Odeon           Zomba Produc.
29.03 Relativity                   FM-Radio A  LP         colored vinyl. # 10/10 (100). WDR-Nacht. Garfield
31.03 3-Tier Dream [Disk 3]        Audience A- CD   CD3/3 'Paris Dreams' (a 3 CD set) [backside]   CC1744
31.03 3-Tier Dream On ! [swap]     Audience A- CD         'Paris Dreams 2' + Cliffs of Sydney      CC1755
31.03 Parisian Dreams              Audience A  LP         Paris, FR - Olympia Theater              RC 1 / 1989
31.03 Parisian Dreams Too          Audience A  LP         Paris, FR - Olympia Theater              RC 2 / 1989        
06.06 Sonambulistic Imagery        Audience A- CD   2 CD  Laguna Hills - Irvine Meadows Amphith.   Blue Moon BM5/6
21.06 Undercover Dreams            Audience A  LP   2 LP  Toronto, ONT - Massey Hall. #65/100      CABY 101

Canyon Dreams, Video SoundtrackDreaming Dreams Unknows (Canyon Dreams)20th Century Serenades, Berlin, GER - ReichstagsgeländeAntarktis, Berlin 87 and Bristol 90
      The Canyon Dreams (OST)      Studio   A  LP         Multicolored vinyl. Ltd.300 [swap]       Hymnbär Ltd. Ta
      Dreaming Dreams Unknown      Studio   A  LP Box     Blue vinyl. Copy of Canyon Dreams (OST)  #2/44
01.08 20th Century Serenades       FM-Radio A+ CD         Berlin, GE - Reichstagsgelände           Nordiska Musike
01.08 Antarktis [1-10]             FM-Radio A+ CD         Berlin, GE - Reichstagsgelände           Pinguin Tonträg

Ardem '0', USA 1988Live In The USA (House of the Rising Sun+1)Sound And Effects, New York, NY - Radio City Music HallSpherical Harmonics One, New Haven, CT - Palace Theater
      Ardem 'O'                    Audience A- CD   CD2/3 Live USA 1988. Argonautica Americana P.  SIRA30
      Collected Endings [2-3]      Audience A- CD   CD3/3 Live USA 1988. Argonautica Americana P.  SIRA31
      Live in the U.S.A.           Audience B+ SI         2 tracks (4:48/5:35)                     BCP
07.09 Sound And Effects            Audience B  CD         New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall     ACS 012
09.09 Spherical Harmonics One      Audience A+ CD         New Haven, CT - Palace Theater           Mirage CDV103


70/90, SamplerIn den Gärten Pharaos / Bicycle Race, Bristol 1990Bicycle Race, Bristol, 1990Bristol, 1990

      70/90 (Keep-page)            DIV      A  CD         Sampler: Soundtracks, Singles. 1970/1990 Burping Cow Pr.
06.11 Antarktis [11-13]            Audience B+ CD         Bristol, GB - Colston Hall               Pinguin Tonträg
06.11 In den Gärten Pharaos/Bic.R. Audience B+ CD         Bristol, GB - Colston Hall               Biki-Prod.
06.11 Bicycle Race                 Audience A- LP         Bristol, GB - Colston Hall               CP091-381 TD
06.11 Singet, denn der Gesang ...  Audience A- LP   PIC   Bristol, GB - Colston Hall. Picture Disk Ars Nova 001


Dreaming On Danforth Avenue, Toronto, CDN - Music Hall

04.10 Dreaming On Danforth Avenue  Aud./DAT A- CD         Toronto, CDN - Music Hall                Blue Moon BM3


Sol Et Luna / Mystery Tracks 2Mystery Tracks 1Prayer Of Quiet Dreams, Sampler

      Sol Et Luna,Mystery Tracks 2 LP       A  CD         Sampler: Heartbreakers (OST), Singles... Sphinx 800 ...
      Mystery Tracks               LP       A  CD         Sampler: Flashpoint (OST), Quinoa...     Phantasmatron
      Prayer of Quiet Dreams       DIV      A  CD         Sampler: Soundtracks, Singles, Live      Burping Cow Pro


Electronic Orgy, The Rare Tracks Collection, 4-CDs

      Electronic Orgy (Keep-page)  DIV      A+ CD    4 CD The Rare-Songs collection 1971 * 1995    O.S. GmbH


Rubycon RevisitedTraumzeit, Sampler

      Rubycon Revisited            Studio   A  CD         Rubycon remixed                          Evil Ear
      Traumzeit                    Studio   A+ CD    2 CD Sampler: Rare Cd-Singles, Dream-Dice..


The Romanian Keep Bootleg CD

      The Keep A Michael Mann Film Studio   A  CD (Keep-page) TDI Keep+Singles+Logos Excerpt+Rarities  ORCD-20011983
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