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Page Modifications/History

(17.02.03) pictures from the Astoria gig in London
(17.11.02)119 pictures from the UNDERGROUND video
(03.11.02)The Ones Single special and some new items
(17.10.02)The Underground film special page
(28.08.02) Special page about the concert in Burg Nideggen
(01.07.02) Anthology promo CDs, Macula Transfer counterfeits, Tangerine Tree CDRs, Mellotron Sounds
(23.06.02) approx. 50 new items, rare promos, LPs, tapes etc.
(17.06.02) Inferno live at the Musenumsinsel in Berlin (Open Air)
(15.05.02) Approx. 22 new items added. First part of the major update.
(12.10.01) Tangerine Dream Live in Bernau/Berlin. Links pages update!
(14.06.01) Klaus Schulze Live in Osnabrueck
(16.05.01) The concert at Sheperd's Bush / London
(14.12.00) Johannes Schmoelling's new White Out (2000)
(09.12.00) German Rock e.V. Tangerine Dream Special Story
(04.12.00) Approx. 30 new items: Promos, CDs, CDRs, LPs, Singles and more......
(05.10.00) Russian MP3 CDs, new magnets
(27.09.00) Backstreet Hero Acetate, Atlantic May LP Sampler, new Td cover magnets
(26.09.00) Johannes Schmoellings White Out, Tangents-/Cat Scan promo, new swaplist, Phaedra australian promo LP
(18.09.00) The Keep: Event Horizon CDrs, Future Music CD with exclusive track
(14.09.00) Ground-Liftaz Site open (see links page), new disks etc..
(05.09.00) rare Franke enhanced cd , new promos and rarities
(30.08.00) new promos, rare disks. Updated swap-list.
(30.07.00) approx. 50 new CDRs, rare Baumann Single and much more
(02.06.00) Vic's Okefenokee Swamp package, new CD-promos, singles.
(13.05.00) Klem Jubileum-Cassette and CDr.
(05.05.00) some new disks and Voices in the Dunes. Updated links page.
(29.04.00) Million Bits in Concert, Live with J. Schmoelling.
(02.04.00) The Dreams Are Known Bootleg, some CDRs. Updated links-page.
(23.03.00) Updated links page, Sony page. Some ninor modifications.
(17.03.00) Vic's new series of Virtual Files 1977. Souveniers and videos added.
(13.03.00) Solar eclipse CD and new pictures, singles and CDRs.
(28.02.00) Some new LP-bootlegs.
(26.02.00) Great Wall Of China Elektrobeats Radio-Show.
(27.01.00) A lot of new singles (mostly promos). Updated news-page.
(23.01.00) Klangart soundsample. Updated links-page
(12.01.00) Some new disks added. Mostly in the TD-Solo section (Haslinger...)
(10.12.99) TDI-Millennium Booster and more
(01.12.99) Baumann/Koek Error - Page and some more graphics.
(27.11.99) New Provider. Page now on:
(13.11.99) The Keep Mystery Page
(07.11.99) Homepages-CDr (Beta), Flashpoint/Heartbreakers-CDs, updated links-page, new video-section, singles, searchlist..
(24.09.99) Sony-Video CDR and some more disks
(03.08.99) Elektro Beats with Peter Baumann and some more disks
(20.07.99) Christmas time in summer ! Now I own the original Sony Topping Out CD !
(04.07.99) Octahedron CD by Paul Haslinger, rare promo-single and more
(01.07.99) new swap-list
(27.06.99) Osnabrück CDRs and more
(14/17.06.99) Osnabrueck Pictures
(10.06.99) Pictures of my Polish Postcard collection. The Franke Babylon-5 signed CDs. ... Counter installed.
(08.05.99) + (28.04.99) Inserted many pictures (some of them are from Pepes-CD).
(26.04.99) A lot of new vinyl-singles and CDs.
(31.03.99) Post from Sonic-Images and some more
(23.03.99) Vic's new series from the Virtual Files. "A Time For Heroes" and a very rare Peter Baumann Maxi-Single added.
(21.03.99) I have a guestbook now.
(16.03.99) New mailinglist is online.
(14.03.99) Frames (because the mainpage was loading too slow)
(06.03.99) New CDs and introduction to Elektro Beats radioshow by J. Schmoelling and Olaf Zimmermann
(26.02.99) White-Out from Schmoelling is here ! Got a link from the official Schmoelling homepage ;-)
(24.02.99) Got 3-Tier-Dream No. 212/300 / Dreaming and a rare Franke single (Private Diary) today
(14.02.99) New items and magazines added. Lot's of corrections (10.02.99). The Mystery Disk.
(08.02.99) Best of Schimanski added. Tracklistings for SOD and RDE.
(05.02.99) Hans de Kruis told me by e-mail, my page is sometimes too slow: I cut it in different html-files.
(29.01.99) Link with some tracklistings added. More colors.
(28.01.99) Thanks to Scott Plumer for the corrections about the Detroit '77 concert.
(25.01.99) First version (0.9) on the internet