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The official Homepage of Tangerine Dream

TDI Music Main Menu

Ground Liftaz SiteGround Liftaz, a sub-movement of TDI MUSIC

The Dream Mixes SiteThe Official Dream Mixes Page

Christopher Franke - Home Page

Johannes Schmoelling - The Official Website

Paul Haslinger - Homepage (unknown)

Horizon Music Network

Klaus Schulze - The Official Website

Rainhore, Klaus Schulze's new lable [server down]

Conrad Schnitzler says hello (Emaillink only!)

Gerald Gradwohl Guitar Site

Swiss Band GöläZlatko Perica and the Swiss Band Gölä

The Band with Iris KultererIris Klulterer and potenciaX

Singer and artist Bianca AcquayeBianca Acquaye's Homepage

Special Pages

Voices In The Dunes - now onlineVoices In the Net - Discography
The Tangerine Dream webring 
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The Tangerine Dream Network

The Tadream Org. Homepage (the TD portal by Peter Ravn)

Fan pages (tested !)

english language

Stephan Bischoff's TD-page

Homepage of Klaus Beschorner

Steve's (Jenkins) Homepage (TD site only) with TD FAQ

Scott Plumer's collection of TD press articles

TD-Discography by Dave Datta

Pawel Jachowicz's Tangerine Dream Web Page

Tangerine Dream unofficial supported by Peter Ravn

Nike's Tangerine Dream Planet

Arizona's Tangerine Dream Page

Victor Rek's Home Page

Tangerine Dream Tribute Page - Simon Clarke

James Owns Tangerine Dream Bootleg Tracklistings

Duncan McKees' TD Page

Paul Fellows

Keen Auricle

Craig Chambers

Steven Feldman

Polish Fanpage of Tangerine Dream

Conny Andersson Music TD

Richard Ford's TD tribute project

TD Discography - Russia Online

Vincent's Music (TD page only)

Underview Bootleg Dreams


Heiko Heerssen's TD page

Polish Unofficial Website Of Tangerine Dream

Heiko Neumann's TD page

Alan Bensons' TD Heaven

german language

Stephan Schelle's Tangerine Dream Page
(big TD story including discography (TD/Solo) german. lang.)

Torsten Möller's Fanpage

Till Kopper's CDs

Zumstein's Tangerine Dream Seite (Switzerland)

Schmauch Musik Seite (TD-Seite, Pictures from Osnabrück (Mars Polaris))

Ulrich Bettermann (german language) Tangerine Dream/Chris Franke

Subway Magazin (1 page only)

German Rock (Klangart page with pictures)

Kristoffer Mathias Holz Tangerine Dream Fanpage lots of pages!

french language

Pedro Machado (french language)

Jean-Pierre Zanier (french language) (Cette page est dédiée au groupe de New-Age allemand T.D.)

polish language

Tangerine Dream Jump Station (search TD in the internet)

japanese language

Timewind's Tangerine Dream Pages (lots of new live pictures from Japan!)

See a list of my downloaded TD-related homepages. There are all on my Homepages-CDr !


German TD Collector's Magazine Dream Collector
(english language) Peter Stöferle. Publication ceased !

Clubs and Friends
Marios' Page Manikin Homepage
Keller & Schönwälder, Klaus Schulze and more 

KLEM Bavaria - KLEM NRW - KLEM Berlin - 
Foreign Spaces - Dharana - Tranquillity

Dweller at the Threshold - Paul Ellis, Dave Fulton 

German Rock (german language) German Rock e.V.
lots of infos about German Rock (including TD)
German Rock - Klangart page with TD-pictures) / Tangerine Dream Story


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Art of Vision
It's a list dedicated to the "post-Franke" (1988-present) work of Tangerine Dream. Hosted by Jared White.
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