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The Astoria Theatre London 2003 Concert

Inferno, Live at the Eifel Festspiele in Nideggen

Warning : 2 new counterfeit CDs emerged the market:

The "new"Edgar Froese Macula Transfer CDs are COUNTERFEITS !
See the difference:Special page about the Macula Transfer (Froese) counterfeits!

The "new" L'Affaire Wallraff (The Man Inside) CD is a counterfeit, too!

See the difference: L'Affaire Wallraff: legit and faked version CDs

Special page for the JOURNEY.... CD sampler and PROMO CD set Tangents and Beyond The Storm (Froese) cassette-promos (Virgin Records) very rare Japanese promos (white label) Ultima Thule, Italian pressing TD 1975 Mellotron Sound Effects Tangerine Dream Tree #1 CDR-Set
The Ones: Lady Greengrass/Love of mine PROMO-Single

Peter Baumann - Flexi-SinglePeter Baumann: Strangers in the Night, Promo SingleKorg 01/W Sound Disk (ORIGINAL)Conrad Schnitzler & Wolfgang Hertz: Face On RadioSchroyder: KosmophononSchroyder: OOZ-Pre-Release
Sorcerer / Atemlos vor Angst. German version with Atemlos vor Angst inletExtracts from Force Majeure, Single-sided PromoSampler: Music from the 21st century. With Tangram [19:20]Exit: Version with big poster. Same picture as Warsaw in the sun - single(s)Underwater Sunlight: Gold stamped promo LPLe Parc, gold stamped promoTyger: gold stamped Promo LP with b/w photo and 3 pages info-sheetRubycon: The Super Audio CD editionAtem: Japanese new CD editon. Very nice new coverartworkOptical Race, Spanish version CDGoodbye Schimmi (German TATORT-Sampler CD): Das Mädchen... / I Just...Warsaw In The Sun (Maxi-Single), mexican pressing2 LP sampler with tracks from TD, Klaus Schulze a.m.o.DVD: National Parks, America's Natural Heritage w. Shadow FlyerDVD: Oasis, Hong Kong version

Edgar Froese: Aqua - Promo LPPeter Baumann: Strangers in the night (4 versions) [5:40], [3:28], [german version 3:54], [1:20]. Promo-Maxi-SingleJerome Froese: Vermond Curry/Babe Soda, white vinyl maxi-singleChris Franke: Tenchi-Muyo in Love - special japanse new editionChris Franke: Sic Transit * Gloria Mundi wth. Velvet UniverseSampler with Johannes Schmoellings' Matjora Is Still AliveSteve Schroyder: Star Sounds Orchestra: OOZ, double Maxi-SingleWolfgang Düren: Eyeless DreamsSyntonic Waves sampler with Conrad Schnitzler track

Exit Record Press KitCoca Cola Lits Collection with Tangerine Dream and many more....:Live Seattle, 21.4.77. Perfect quality CDR

DT64-Jugendkonzert, Live Berlin-East, 31.01.1980The original folder from the East-Berlin live concert 31.01.1980.

The Sonic Images Sample Library. 6 CD-Set by Christopher FrankeChris Franke: Sonic Images Sample Library Special Page

Dominison London, 1982. The complete rehersals/soundchecks. Some new tracks!Cadillac Promo Sampler with Optical Race [3:13]The Romanian Keep Bootleg CDElectrick Loosers #3 - Sampler with Edgars Group THE ONES (Lady Greengrass)Musc from the 3rd Millennium. Ltd. edition with Schmoelling`s SPACENIGHT RUNNERMusic for the 3rd Millennium. Sampler. Ltd. Edition with Jolliffe`s NEW MILLENNIUMThe DT64 interview with Edgar Froese in GDR radio with excerpts from the concert

Waiter On The Dance, LP BootlegWaiter On The Dance, Live Manchester 1976 Waiter On The Dance, Label

Dream Mixes 3, signedTangents, white promo CDHamlet - AcetateSundance Kid - AcetateWhat A Blast DVDTowards the Evening Star (Radio-Edit) Promo-CDThief and White Eagle on one CD. Russion diskThe Calling (OST): Soundtrack (+others) / Score (Franke only)Conrad Schnitzler: Contrasts. A 2 C90 Cassettes Set. No. 79/200The Cinema Sampler. With Michael Hoenig's Bones On Thew Beach/Xcept OneRubycon / Ricochet: 2 CD Sampler by Virgin France 1995

Peter Baumann Singles: Repeat Repeat [3:43] / Realtimes [3:25]Biking up the Strand [2:28] / Dance at Dawn [4:02]. French singleBiking up the Strand [2:26] / Dance at Dawn [3:59]. Australian singleStrangers in the Night [3:53] / Welcome [4:24] single