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These are originals - no CDR-copies or bootlegs.


The Korg Promo Sampler, 1 Edgar Froese Track
The Best of the 01/W
Edgar Froese: Michiko
and: Tom Coster, Geoff Downes, Keith Emerson, Eddie Jobson, Rick Wakeman,
Yellowjackets, Joe Zawinul and many others.
Korg Promo CD (click onto the picture)

Miramar Collection: 1 - Sampler with TD and others
Miramar Collection: 1
Tangerine Dream 
Treasure of Innocence [3:40]
Canyon Carver [4:11]
Michael Gettel, Jonn Serrie, James Reynolds, Jan Hammer and others
Miramar, 1994, MPCD 4101

Golden Collection 2000 sampler
 Golden Collection 2000 
Russian sampler 2000
with tracks from the 70ies, 80ies and 90ies 
click link for a tracklisting and more infos

Tang-GO, The Best of Tangerine Dream
The TDI-Catologue Vol. One, 1990-2000
Original TDI CD026 Version. Double-CD.

The Original Sony CD
Topping Out Sony

(yes I have one spare copy)

CD-Booklet. [Click me to see the full size cover!]
L'Affaire Wallraff 
(The Man Inside)
CD / O.S.T.
original EMI-France
EMI 7956172


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The Keep

 TDI Music Special Edition 
TDI 010 CD / original
150 copies only


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Tyranny of Beauty Promo Single
from the album
Tyranny of Beauty
2 spare copies
Catwalk [4:28] / Little blond in the park of attractions [4:37] /
Living in a fountain pen [5:07] / Birdwatcher's dream [6:49] / 
Quasar (bonus track) [3:43]
still sealed (never opened!)
Miramar 206-284-4700
A Time For Heroes
Maxi-CD (CD5)
Orpheum Records 1987

Electronische Muziek 1994

Unreleased TD-members tracks
Ltd. edition 1000 copies.

Klaus Schulze: "Vas Insigne Electionis", 
Johannes Schmoelling: "Galago", 
Christopher Franke: "Timesteps"
Edgar Froese: Macula Transfer 1976
Original Manikin release. (mrcd7030)
Ltd. edition 1000 pieces
Turn of the Tides
Tangerine Dream: 
Turn of the Tides
Special re-mixes from the
"Turn of the Tides" album.
Miramar (MPCD 2807) CD-5
Firetongues (4:07), Midwinter
Night (4:36), Galley Slave's 
Horizon (3:36), Death of a 
Nightingale (5:29), Story of the
Brave [Bonus](5:17)

World Tour Edition
Tangerine Dream: 
Limited World Tour
Edition 1997
Ltd. edition 5000 copies.
Maedchen of the Stairs [Rien ne va plus-
Sunset Radio Mix] (4:08), M.o.t.St.
[Rnvp-Sunrise Club Mix] (6:55), 
Order of the Ginger Gild (9:05)

Christoper Franke

 Original Soundtrack Recording 
Sonic Images Germany
SICD 5011
never released!!!

Klemania, Christopher Franke
Sonic Images 1993
original CD


Phaedra / Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares
Phaedra, Edited Version 
 Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares, Edited Version 

more infos
Virgin Records, 1974 PR - 214

Warsaw In the Sun / Polish Dance /Rare Bird (LIVE) - red viny maxi single
Warsaw In The Sun

Warsaw in the Sun / Polish Dance / 
Rare Bird
Live in Poland
Maxi-single, red vinyl

Kiew Mission [9:17], Pilots of Purple Twilight [4:17], Choronzon [4:07}
Exit [5:32], Network 23 [4:53], Remote Viewing [8:17]
Elektra SE-557 

Peter Baumann
Daytime Logic-Extended D.M.
Maxi- Single  PROMO
Daytime Logic (new version!) + 2
Protrait AS14561

Virgin Records USA
Single Cover with track seperation! PROMO 1975

Optical Race Promo LPOptical Race
Private US 2042 - 1 -P
Special Gimmick Cover PROMO 1978

US Promo version with song seperationEncore
Virgin USA PZG 35014

Virgin Germany 25843
FOC 1978

Force Majeure
Virgin Germany 200 347-320
Relief-Cover 1979
2 space copies!

Virgin Germany V2292

Poland: The Warsaw Concert   Live
1 LP  Picture-Disk!
Live in Poland, Jive HIP X 22
Jive Electro/Zomba
only side three and four, no cover

Underwater Sunlight
Zomba Production Ltd.
DMM 1986


Click on me! Stratosfear, Virgin Records USA 1976/1988 
Force Majeure, Virgin Records USA 1979/1988 
Firestarter (OST), MCA Records GB 1984
Optical Race, Private Records USA 1988

CD- and LP Bootlegs (no CDR copies! Only originals)


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3 Tier Dream On!
The Connoisseur collection
ltd. edition of 300 copies
Paris Dreams Pt.2
Live Paris Olympia 1986
2 spare copies !!!!


Timeless Space

Live at the HAMMERSMITH ODEON, London, March 1986
Ltd. edition no. 114 of  300 copies. (Super Fighter)


2 LP - Set

Timeless Space1 Backside
A Dream Unbound, Live Orange-FR, 1975. LP+SIngle
A Dream Unbound

Live at the Orange Festival,
Orange, France - August 1975 

LP + Single

Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die Wölfe / Live in Bristol, 6.11.1990
Singet denn der Gesang
vertreibt die Wölfe
2 spare copies
Lve Bristol, USA
picture Disk
1 LP
The Canyon Dreams. LP-Bootleg
The Canyon Dreams
Video Soundtrack
blue vinyl
Hymnbär Ltd. 1987
1 LP