V - The Virgin Sampler

Great Double-LP from the year 1975.
Some of the tracks are available only on this LP.

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Side One

Robert Wyatt Yesterday Man [3:07]
Mike Oldfield Don Alfonso (with Kevin Ayers) [6:04]
Ivor Cutler Go and sit upon the Grass [2:20]
Tangerine Dream  [11:06]

Side Two

Kevin Coyne Marjory Razorblade [8:30]
Kevin Coyne Looking for the River [3:06]
Captain Beefheart Mirror Man (live) [4:42]
Captain Beefheart Upon the My-O-My [4:00]

Side Three

Slapp Happy Extract from the Messiah [1:45]
Henry Cow A Worm is at Work [1:48]
Tom Newman (with Mike Oldfield) Sad Sing [2:17]
Tom Newman Super Man [3:30]
Chili Charles Semba [3:20]
Jabula Baile - (they are gone) [4:33]

Side Four

Clearlight Symphony Extract from Part 1 [4:00]
Hatfield And The North Your Majesty is like a Cream Donut [6:08)
White Noise II White Noise II (extract) [4:00]
Steve Hillage (with Pierre Moerlin, Tim Blake, Dave Stewart...) Pentagramaspinn [5:45]

In the near future I will make a double-CD-copy from this 2-LP set. Including some bonus tracks by Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield and White Noise II.